TS Plzeň a.s.


Hydraulic presses HMVL represent a completely new generation of curing presses developed in TS Plzeň a.s (formerly ŠKODA TS). HMVL presses are designed for forming radial and cross-ply tires with natural, synthetic or steel cords. They are equipped with heating plates, fully automatic loading and unloading device.

Hydraulic curing presses HMVL are produced in the following versions:

  • Double-chamber – in sizes 63,5" up to 75"
  • Single-chamber – in sizes 75" up to 210"

Main advantages of HMVL presses:

  • Higher order accuracy of mould guiding
  • Significant streamlining of the production of automobile tires
  • Significant energy savings during the curing process (28% in HMVL 63,5" and 40% in HMVL 75")
  • Reduction of the handling time by 18% due to concurrent processes of pressed piece unloading and semi-product loading
  • Reduction of curing times
  • Continuously regulated and controlled closing force
  • Optimal mould clamping is not affected by the magnitude of closing force
  • Horizontal position of segment moulds even when opening the press
  • Semi-automatic adjustment of clamping height when changing moulds
  • Better environmental and working conditions as a result of the removal of the central grease lubrication and superior thermal insulation
  • High reliability and durability
  • Easy and minimum maintenance during operation
  • New concept allows the implementation of double-chamber press version even in the size of 75"
  • New concept allows convenient technical solutions for presses of the biggest sizes, e.g. 100" and 130"

Hydraulic radial presses RVL represent quite a new concept of curing presses developed in TS Plzeň a.s. Press RVL 66“ with B-O-M system is intended for pressing radial tires in segment moulds. It is equipped with an external heating of moulds by steam heating plates; steam supply to the outer periphery of the segment mould is secured at the same time. These presses are equipped with a fully automatic loading and unloading device.

Main advantages of RVL presses

  • Original design – B-O-M system
  • Significant streamlining of the production of automobile tyres
  • Low energy consumption
  • Mutually independent curing process in both chambers (even with different mould sizes)
  • High precision of mould guiding and semi-product loading
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • High reliability
  • Powerful control system
  • Short handling times
  • High-quality thermal insulation of chambers
  • Possibility of the double-chamber design also for higher press sizes
  • Favourable environmental parameters
  • Unique central mechanism for actuating the membrane with accurate position measurement and integrated tyre pull-out
  • Advanced membrane filling with technology media
  • Function enabling the press rapid heating
  • New design of the loading device with separate controls for each chamber and precise semi-product loading
  • Original design of the device for removing tyres
  • Possibility of cooling the tyre on the unloading device for a period of one curing cycle
  • Possibility of connecting the press to a device for extracting pollutants produced during the curing process
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