TS Plzeň a.s.


In total, the company produced or modernized 528 rolling mills and processing lines.

The most recent completed projects include:

  • Vöest-Alpine
  • VAI-Clecim
  • Tippins Inc.
  • Uralmash
  • Modernization of quarto line 1200 for Arcelor Mital
  • Modernization of 4-stand tandem mill in U.S. STEEL
  • Quarto rolling mill stand 1200 for M.E.S.I.
  • Rolling mills 650 for rolling Cu and Cu alloys for Kazakhstan
  • Modernization of quarto for Dunaferr-Voest Alpine
  • Modernization of quarto for SILCO
  • Cutting line for Comax
  • Modernization of hot line Duo 800 for AL INVEST
  • Modernization of rolling mills for Měď Povrly
  • Rolling mill duo 350 for Helwan
  • Winding machines for U.S.STEEL, Slovakia, Lipeck , ALCOA, Samara, Uralmash 
  • Continuous casting unit for MMK Magnitogorsk
  • Systems of hydraulic adjustment of rollers including adjustment regulation and automatic gauge control (AGC)