TS Plzeň a.s.

The present

TS Plzeň a.s. (formerly ŠKODA TS) – previously a part of the world-famous company ŠKODA founded in 1859.

TS Plzeň a.s. has supplied machinery products all over the world since 1859. Due to the high technical level, product quality and the ability to provide customers with complete services, TS Plzeň a.s. belongs to the prominent engineering manufacturer in Central Europe. Its highly qualified and experienced team of technicians and merchants is ready to design and implement the most effective solutions based on the latest technologies and R&D results to provide customers with high performance, productivity and required parameters of return on investment.

TS Plzeň a.s. provides its customers with full services, from advice and initial studies up to the development of technical documentation, equipment manufacture, supply, installation and setting into operation. High professional qualification of its personnel manifests in all activities, especially in the implementation of turnkey projects.

Flexibility and commitment to meet all the needs and requirements of customers are characteristic aspects of the work of TS Plzeň a.s. Products of TS Plzeň a.s. are exported to many countries around the world. Important customers of TS Plzeň a.s. can be found not only in countries of Central and East Europe but also in countries of the Middle East and Asia. The company gives maximum attention to the top-grade quality of its products. Since 1995, TS Plzeň a.s. holds the Certificate of Quality Management according to ISO 9001:8000.

TS Plzeň a.s., formerly ŠKODA TS a.s., changed its business name on January 1,2007. This change occurred as a result of changes in shareholders.