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Special presses

Hydraulic presses of CJB and CTB series are designed for cold pressing of flat pressed pieces. Typical product representatives of CJB presses are fiber-cement roofing tiles and chipboards; regarding presses of CTB series, such representatives are steel corrugated plates or ribs for heat exchangers.

CJB/CTB presses can also be used for hot pressing operations, e.g. forming of aluminum alloys in dies and wherever there is a need for more power and lower operating speed.

Hydraulic presses of CJB and CTB series are characterized by a robust vertical lamella
design ensuring high service life of the equipment. The press frame consists of several closed segments from sheet-metal lamellas. Working cylinders are fitted underneath in the inner opening of segments; the lower movable work-table of the press is mounted on their plungers. The upper stationary work-table is fitted on the upper
side of the segment opening. In presses of CTB series, the lower movable work-table is mounted on cylinder plungers using spherical lenses. This construction prevents the transmission of radial forces into the press structure and thus increases the press service life.
Presses of CJB series are not equipped with return cylinders and reverse press run is controlled only by gravity. Presses of CTB series usually have two to four return cylinders which can be also used for setting the press into the starting position. CTB presses are also equipped with a guidance of the lower movable work-table to increase its movement accuracy.

According to customer requirements, the press working fluid is either hydraulic oil or emulsified liquid. The press is driven by a hydraulic aggregate consisting of a working fluid reservoir with a lid on which all necessary hydraulic elements (such as main and auxiliary pumps, filters, coolers, distributors, etc.) are placed. The hydraulic aggregate may be located on a console on the press or installed under the pressing shop floor.

Working stroke of the press is sensed by an incremental sensor whose data is transmitted into the press control system together with data on operating pressure. Where required, the press control system evaluates the pressing curve. In selected cases, the entire process can be controlled automatically without any interventions of the press operator using a software equipment.


The software allows connecting the press with a superior computer for printing out records on pressing operations. The press is controlled from the control console by a standing operator or from a suspended panel.

According to customer requirements, the press can be equipped / completed with:

  • PC and printer for printing records on pressing
  • Charging carts
  • Loading manipulators
  • Optical security system
  • System for assuring parallelism of work-tables at inhomogeneous load
  • Accessories according to customer specifications
PRESS TYPE CJB/CTB 2500 3200 4000 6300 10000 13000
Pressing force [MN] 25 32 40 63 100 130
lis CFP 250 lis