TS Plzeň a.s.


The production program includes:

  • Reverse lines duo for hot rolling of strips from non-ferrous metals
  • Reverse or non-reverse lines duo or quarto for reduction or smoothing cold rolling of strips from steel and non-ferrous metals up to maximum strip width of 1250 mm
  • Systems for electro-hydraulic adjustment of rollers including automatic gauge (AGC) and flatness (AFC) control
  • Lengthwise cutting lines for strip thicknesses of 0,2 – 1,25 mm and width up to 1250 mm
  • Mechanical parts of the input and output sections of finishing lines
  • Equipment of the lines for treating thick metal plates with thickness of 5 – 50 mm including shears for transverse and longitudinal cutting of rolled metal sheets, double shears for double-sided trimming of the metal sheets, circular trimming shears
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